Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bathroom, Days 8-10

I've been neglecting my updates. Sorry folks. Well, actually let's be honest, I've switched to sending them to you via texts. And to be truthful I just haven't had any thoughts other than pure hate for bathrooms over these days.

Days 8 & 9 consisted of tiling. Tiling and more tiling. When I wasn't tiling I was tiling and then when I was tiling I was thinking about tiling. We averaged it out and it took me approx 5 minutes to lay each tile. What?! I can't believe it but, sadly, it is true. I thought I could have it tiled in a matter of hours, like 4 or 5. Instead it took me 15ish hours spread out over 2 days. I hate tile.

But I LOVE the look of it! Then day 10 we bought the vanity and sink. We will have that installed tomorrow. I also grouted the tile today and that was a bitch as well. Seriously, tilers must hate themselves to do this day in and day out. A friend told me it would take me 1 hour or so to grout. It took me 4 hours. I've learned everything will take me double, sometimes triple, the amount of time. As it slowly comes together and I get a few moments of rest I think "I should update my blog" rather than the constant hate.

The nice thing is all this hard work results in some pretty imaginative dreams.
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