Monday, May 25, 2009

Day for Memories

The day was Memorial Day. I got to make a crack about expensive car seats. We played bad minton(pretty sure that is not how it's spelled), volleyball and blanket burrito roll. A lot of food was made. A good portion of food was eaten. One of my favorite moments was Zachary eating a blackberry.

He ate the whole blackberry, making this face the entire time. When he was finished he proudly told his mom, "Mom! I ate the blackberry." But he didn't eat another one.

My brother found a ginormous stick on the top of the bowery we were at a few minutes before we left. Apparently Noah and Zach have an obsession with sticks. It was like they were in heaven when they finally saw it. Noah exclaimed, "It's like a dinosaur bone!" Well as we were gathering the stuff to leave, Zach asks if they can take the stick. I don't think there was a person there who wasn't like, um no because it's huge and many other reasons that we don't explain to a 4 year old.

Well after everything was loaded and our bowery empty Zachary starts making his way back. I heard Don ask him where he was going, I just didn't hear Zach's response. So I yell to Zach, "Where are you going?" To which he replies, "To get the big stick."

I seriously almost peed me pants. He was very determined to take the thing home. I love that their father made the two carry it. It was like, if you want the stupid thing then you carry the stupid thing. They were super proud that they got to take the stick home. I was laughing the entire time.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Well since my sister moved back to Utah and all, she has needed a little help watching Iggy, somehow(and naturally) I have to oblige. Well, to transport these little critters around you have to have a car seat. And Norah happened to be "done" with her car seats, seeing how they've moved on to booster seats, with some good timing. By the way who knew you shouldn't resell car seats? Apparently it's a safety issue but I see it as a way to get cheap used car seats.

To go into the pain that was the installation of the car seat into my car would take me on a diatribe that I am sure NOBODY wants to hear. Suffice it to say, reason number 4,106 that I'll never have kids.

One thing about the installing of it though, it injured me. Not itself directly but had I never installed it, I wouldn't have gotten the scrape. Now some may say it was where I parked, my inability to watch where I step or some other excuse is what caused the scrape, I choose to blame the blasted car seat. Enough car seat talk before I get into even more trouble concerning it.

A girl who works for me got married just last night. I hate going to receptions. They rank near the top of my list of least favorite things to spend my time on. I would much rather attend a dinner with said married person, perhaps the other married half could attend if I knew them and perhaps a few other peeps that we both know, and wish them congrats and best wishes at the dinner. I loathe the room full of people and the chance you could see someone you haven't seen for a while. It is not my scene. And generally you need to look nice for these events.

And my requisite sneakers just won't cut it. I believe a year ago from Old Navy I purchased 2 pairs of shoes that I thought were cute. Got them home and there they sat, getting dusty. Well I pulled a pair out for her reception. And back they go to get dusty. THEY WERE THE WORST PAIR OF SHOES! Absolutely no support whatsoever. How do people wear these things?! No wonder people complain about being on their feet for 4 hours, I was complaining after(NO LIE) 1 minute. I almost threw them off and said "forget that, I will wear my sneakers." But I forged ahead and wore them. Don't get me wrong they are super cute! Super duper cute! But I have to draw the line somewhere and comfortness vs cuteness is where I draw it from now on.

Hmmm, they were cute though. Maybe once a year I'll make an exception....

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dual moves

My sister finally made her way back to Utah. I was lucky enough to be the first to see both her and Iggy, which I "graciously" rubbed in Crystals face. It is going to be so strange, just as it was strange when she moved away, to have her back so close. Plus I really have no good reason for going to Vegas anymore. I am totally going to be stuck here!

I was not going to miss cheering on the Ogden marathoners, since I missed the Salt Lake peeps, but I still wanted to get my exercise in as well. Two birds, meet one stone. I participated in the 5k! And I didn't really like the idea of going by myself so I roped/guilted/bribed Crystal to do it with me. She is such a super sport. She did awesome and now she knows without a doubt that she can complete one in under an hour. After we did the 5k we cheered on both half and full marathoners.

I absolutely adore the Ogden marathon. It is by far the most scenic in my opinion. Of course you have to look past the porta-johns they provide, which come in handy.

If I had to choose only one marathon to ever compete in it would be Ogden. I am going to see if I can talk 4 of my family members into participating in the relay next year. Everyone knows they would have so much fun!

In all you really only run about 1 mile through city, and even then the picture above shows it still not bad. Which helps makes it a very serene run. I loved loved loved running next to the river coming down through Ogden Canyon. And since it is spring you get to hear it rush and gush. Melting snow and all. 2010 is totally in my sights.

Friday, May 8, 2009

A birthday to remember

For the 2nd year in a row, by 2 completely different sets of people, I received birthday cookies. I enjoyed them both. This year I got candles, only 28 of them though. Which makes me happier than anyone will ever know. And I did get them all blown out in one breath. Running is working for me.

I worked half a day today. All week the early morning workers have been taunting me about my birthday. I knew I needed to expect something to be done. And lo and behold here was my office when I walked in today.

I could try and tell you everything they did but I just don't think I could do it justice. Even though I was embarrassed by it, I enjoyed the thought immensely. I also loved that if anybody wanted to enter my office they had to "part" the crepe paper. Hee! I am easily amused.

Now to the section where I bore you with everything I received. Just after midnight I got tweeted with birthday wishes. First thing after I get up I receive a wish via text. Next I get online, at Norah's behest, and see that I get a beautiful picture birthday wish. Then at work I received.....A PIG FREAKING MAGNET. I am totally in love.
Which also came with a pig cookie cutter, so expect some pig cookie pictures to pop up shortly. I also attended an annual lunch with people, sometimes random people, that grew to its biggest porportion this year. I thought a few of the people weren't going to make it but I am so glad they did come. It was the highlight of my day! SEFTFE!

And to share a little video from a jumping kangaroo that I received. He will be the way I waste my time for the next week or so. Any suggestion for a name for him?


Sunday, May 3, 2009

So much food, work and exertion-Not enough time.

It has been quite a few days for me. I have utilizied my kitchen quite a bit more than I believe I ever have. I got in 4 good workouts this week. I worked more than the requisite 40 hours and I played all weekend. I definately deserve everything I have taken in.

I finally finished using all my strawberries. In all I made; 2 batches strawberry lemonade, strawberry ice cream, strawberry scones, strawberry freezer jam and an entire weeks worth of breakfast smoothies. I deliciously devoured each item. I gave all but 2 of the jams away.

I prefer my jam to be smooth. I don't like it when it has the chunks of fruit. So I blended mine up before adding the freezer jam pectin that I picked up from Smiths Marketplace. I enjoyed using the strawberries up that I thought I should use the bread, we get it from Crossroads Food Co-Op, that usually ends up going to waste. Its a very dry bread. So I thought CROUTONS!

I actually don't enjoy croutons. They hurt my jaw. But sometimes for flavor I suffer through them. And I had already made a homemade ranch dressing, so why not complete my salads with garlic croutons.

These were actually quite simple and I prefer them to ALL other croutons. I just cubed the bread, tossed them in a ziploc bag with olive oil and seasonings and then meticulously spaced them on a cookie sheet. Baked at 450 degrees, meticulously flipped each one after one side had brown and baked again. Cooled and bagged for future salads.

My kitchen escapades were certainly not done there. I made a delightful banana cake I found from my sisters blog, I had tons of bananas-that to this day I have 2 left to use up. And I got more bananas from the Bountiful Baskets Co-Op. While it was a lengthy process to make, I loved it so much I made it a second time on Sunday. I plan on having it eaten completely by Monday night. I don't think I will be able to give half of it up to you, Crystal. There is no picture because if I am looking at it, I am eating it. No hand available to take a picture.

Sunday I got to go to the park and wear all my nephews out. I got to chase them all around the big toy in the park. We were there for over an hour. I hid once and got two of them to actually chase me for a change. Unfortunately, I didn't save the video Hunter "directed" of me re-enacting the game of tag him and I played. That was really what I going to blog about but I didn't save it. Cut me some slack! *refer to the first paragraph of this post*

Talk about a total crick in the neck!

After having so much fun during the day I still had to think about dinner. I needed some carbs. And lo and behold the Co-op has given me so many red potatoes to use. And I have dill and chives that need to be used before they go bad. But I wanted something different.
I saw a recipe for crash hot potatoes on The Pioneer Woman website. I adapted it to include garlic, dill and chives. Yummy! Next time I need to add more garlic.

Anyhoo, I am sure you guys are tired of hearing me talk about food. Besides, my second delightful banana cake is done and I can't wait to start pigging out. Hmmmmm.........