Monday, May 25, 2009

Day for Memories

The day was Memorial Day. I got to make a crack about expensive car seats. We played bad minton(pretty sure that is not how it's spelled), volleyball and blanket burrito roll. A lot of food was made. A good portion of food was eaten. One of my favorite moments was Zachary eating a blackberry.

He ate the whole blackberry, making this face the entire time. When he was finished he proudly told his mom, "Mom! I ate the blackberry." But he didn't eat another one.

My brother found a ginormous stick on the top of the bowery we were at a few minutes before we left. Apparently Noah and Zach have an obsession with sticks. It was like they were in heaven when they finally saw it. Noah exclaimed, "It's like a dinosaur bone!" Well as we were gathering the stuff to leave, Zach asks if they can take the stick. I don't think there was a person there who wasn't like, um no because it's huge and many other reasons that we don't explain to a 4 year old.

Well after everything was loaded and our bowery empty Zachary starts making his way back. I heard Don ask him where he was going, I just didn't hear Zach's response. So I yell to Zach, "Where are you going?" To which he replies, "To get the big stick."

I seriously almost peed me pants. He was very determined to take the thing home. I love that their father made the two carry it. It was like, if you want the stupid thing then you carry the stupid thing. They were super proud that they got to take the stick home. I was laughing the entire time.


  1. H wants to know why you only have pictures of Norah's kids, what you have a new favorite too?

  2. LOL Crystal that is too funny! Seriously I am peeing my pants right now.

    That stick never left the van until Don took it out and it has never been played with.