Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My nephews are all so cute

All of my nephews are just so dang adorable. They say the best things. They look like the cutest person ever. They do the funniest stuff. I wonder if, if I ever get one, my nieces would be so cute.

This gem comes from Nathan. I personally think it's the best "love" note I've ever read. I wish I was Amy. I sure hope where ever Amy is that she feels loved.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I tried something new

I'm not a fan of change. For the most part. Yeah, some things are easier for me accept than others so I can't say I totally don't like change. I like what I'm used to and what I'm used to is The Greek Pizza.

I went to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch today. I believe in all the times I've ever gone I've always gotten The Greek Pizza. I love it. The feta! The cucumber sauce! The avocado! Love, love, love. When I eat it I silently sing Everlasting Love in my head. But today is the day I tried something new.

It was so very difficult to choose another type. There are so many good sounding ones that my thought is since I can't choose, stick with the greek. But I was determined to change. I narrowed it down to 4 other choices; wild mushroom, chipotle chicken, roasted garlic and chicken and lastly, white pizza. When it was my turn to give my order, I froze.

Once I thawed I ordered the chipotle chicken on a thin crust. It was good. I missed the greek but chipotle chicken, pretty tasty. And I love the thin crust. Wow! All in all pretty happy with it.

I also tried a new dessert. Tiramasu. Pretty good. Not a very strong coffee flavor so I could handle it. A delicious rum flavor though. Yum yum yum.

I'm glad I tried something new.
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Time and Space as a Backyard? Sounds good!

I feel like I should post this here instead of on facebook. Why? I wouldn't want my friends of leisure to think I was obsessed to the point of delirium. Obviously if you are reading this then you know you are a close friend who would love me regardless of how obsessed I was with something. Thanks guys! You rule, the school. And the pool. And the fool. Let's get to it.

I love this clip. Everything about it. I smile, sheepishly at points, nearly during the whole clip. Yet I'm also very saddened in the middle. Imagine what it would be like to be that old. Strange and sad. Watch it then read the rest of this post.

Now you can see why I like it so much! Here are just a few of my favorite parts.

I can feel the cheese when he says "Gandalf. A space Gandalf. Or the little green one in Star Wars." What really, really sells the cheese factor is the light saber sounds he makes in conjuction with the twirl. Just pure golden cheese and I love it!

The next part would be "the involuntary snort....of fondness." They play off each other so well. I giggle during that entire exchange.

Then we get the more serious and sad part. "Because I can't see it anymore." I would probably recite his whole spiel of "burning ball of gas" and so forth but I think it's just better if you watch it. Over and over again. Why not? Don't make me be the only one. I hate being the lone ranger here. Let it be known though that I want his "backyard". Don't be dirty people.

Then we move back into comic relief with a little bit about who his companions are. I love the way he stalls when he is forced to answer how many of them were girls. "Slightly, a little bit over." Biggest understatement if I've ever heard one before! It's just too bad that to the casual observer(meaning you) you would never know that he has had male companions before they just don't show them in the clip parade that follows. Captian Jack, I've only seen a few episodes with you but you do seem pretty cool!

Now aren't you glad you watched it? I guess I need to end this post before I quote the entire clip. "Young?" "Everyone's young compared to me." Only 4 more sleeps before I get a new episode. Good night!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dear Body,

I know I ate my weight in pasta and chicken. I know I ate that pasta and chicken after going 11 hours without eating. If you, dear body, could find it in your heart to forgive me I'd be very appreciative.

Your personal abuser
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gleam what you will

"The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good things don't always.... soften the bad things. But vice versa - the bad things don't necessarily spoil the good things or make them unimportant." Doctor Who, 2010
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Saturday, May 21, 2011

My ride in the paddy wagon

Today I was to run in the Ogden marathon. While I started and prepped for it, I only made it 9 miles before I asked for a ride to the finish.

My only reasoning would be that I never had a good clear mental image of myself finishing. I had many constraints that were making me nervous and anxious about it. The biggest being able to get to mile 17.3 before 4:30hrs. Of course that goes in hand with the fact that I've yet to develop speed. I barely maintain a 16 minute mile on a 3 mile run. So add not enough training to this list of constraints.

And for some reason being the last racer affected me this time. I've been last in numerous of races. That is not new to me. I can only assume that with such a long race that I just couldn't bear being the last. I didn't like that at an aid station they had gotten rid of all the liquids and I'd have to go 2 more miles for any. I panicked. I went the 2 miles but my performance decreased way too much. I didn't want to do it anymore.

Of course I'm going to do another one now though. I'll work on my training and get faster. But my heart is disappointed, as it should be, that I bowed out. I know that I'll always think of this race on all my others and that will help carry me through. Yet I'm extremely happy that those near and dear carried on without me and did a wonderful job. I'm jealous of you all.

But at least I got a new hair cut!!
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Monday, April 25, 2011

A quick hoppy easter

Can you believe it's been 2 years since I started this blog?! One of my first posts was concerning Easter. This Easter I don't quite have the time so I'm going to just quickly tell you a few things.

Ham or Turkey? That was the question this year. Most of didn't care but we had those who felt ham is easter and nothing else. Well we ended up with both BUT that fabulous gravy would not have been if there had been turkey!

We put together an impromptu egg hunt for the children. They had fun collecting the eggs and sharing the dollar bills that were in only 4 of them. Then afterwards the kids wanted us to do an adult egg hunt. Don't take that dirty please. The kids hid the eggs. My sister and I were the only ones willing until I bribed my brother with the bet that if he could get more eggs than myself and my sister combined then I'd pay him $5. We lost. He cheats! It was SO much fun the kids wanted us to do it again.

For our egg dive at the recreation we had a sack race. I was going to race but it got put away before I could. But the real highlight was seeing 2 grown men race and the picture I've included shows the results of that race.

Yay for Easter!
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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Two nights ago I was rescued by pasta roni for dinner. I love pasta roni. But when I'm in training for a marathon boxed, processed foods is nearly the last thing I should be eating. But I had no energy and no idea for dinner, so it came in handy.

The next morning though I got up early so I could put the roasts into the crock pot. This time I had planned. Italian Roast via slow cooker. Served with mashed potatoes made with cream. Ah, does the cream ever add a delicious flavor that will make you never want to eat them another way. My first time trying them made that way and I sold my soul to never eat them another way. That whole meal was wonderful. Meat and potatoes.

Since the roasts made so much meat we used it again tonight. Stuffed philly cheese steaks. French bread dough stuffed with beef, peppers, onions, mushrooms and cheese. Baked till golden brown. Hmmm. Mine needed more cheese. Next time. I served it fries, waffle cut, and made a homemade fry sauce. Not too bad! I think I'll make fry sauce all the time now.

I love cooking. It's great. But every now and then I love pasta roni.
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We're friends? Acquaintances, maybe?

Within the span of 36 hours I came across two instances of whether someone was a friend or an acquaintance. Which led to me I make long lasting friendships or just of the moment acquaintances?

If you were to take a look at my social life at this given time you'd see it consists of my family and several co-workers. Now I do consider these folks to be friends. I want to do stuff with them. When I think of an activity I want to do, an event I'd like to attend or a restaurant I'd like to eat at my first thoughts go to these people. Maybe they'd like to try it. We can try it together. Do they only come to my mind because I spend the most time with them, physically and verbally. (Is texting considered verbal?)

I could list several upon several instances of people I either went to school with or worked alongside of that I would spend plenty of time with and considered a friend that now, not being in school or working with, that I hardly, if ever, hear from again.

When I was a young child I can remember a fight that occurred between myself and my two best friends. We got over it and made up, because of pair of jelly sandals, and our good times forged ahead. My parents then got divorced and I can honestly say I never had what I would consider a best friend again. Of those two best friends, I haven't heard from one of them since elementary school. The second one I reconnected with briefly in High School and then again via facebook.

In Jr High I made several friends and can fondly remember our times using the words stoopid and phat. But when high school came they went to Bountiful High and I went to Woods Cross. We tried to stay in touch and I even sluffed my school to go to their seminary class. Brother Southwick if I recall correctly. And I was a home schooled cousin visiting for the week. But eventually we grew apart.

There is gag that my only friends are ones from work. I will admit at first I was embarrassed about it. I've thought about it quite thoroughly and intently and have yet to make my mind up. I'm not embarrassed anymore about it because some work friends are my most favorite. But I question why I couldn't keep a friendship? Do I need the closeness? Some people are friends and only chat or see each other a few times a year. Why can't I? Why didn't I maintain contact with those where it was lost? I don't remember those little, yet hugely effective, details. I guess the most important part is I remember the fun times we had.

I would never want to forgot those.
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Monday, January 10, 2011

A dish best served cold

I tore an icicle from the side of the Sizzler building tonight. It was rather large. Upon holding the icicle I thought "wow, this would make a great spear." So I threw caution to wind and yelled out to my father, who was quite a distance away, to watch out. I hurled the icicle into the air and it flopped down barely halfway between myself and my father. Ice is hard to throw.

The great thing about holding the icicle though was revenge. Which I exacted onto my 9 year old nephew by placing my bare frigidly cold hand under his shirt and onto his warm bare back. Hahahahahahaha! Revenge is sweet.
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