Thursday, April 17, 2008

Patent pending...

That's me, acting like a goof one day. I got my sister to snap the pic on my cell so I could send it to my friends. Isn't it a brilliant idea?! One of my pet peeves is the way people wear their hats off to the side. It just doesn't look right. Front and back are the only acceptable ways, to me. Otherwise it serves no function. This new product I am developing would solve that problem. You'd still get the "hip" hat turned to its side but still get the benefit of it actually blocking the sun from your eyes. Who's with me on this one? Anyone? It sure is awfully quiet....

Hoppy Easter!

And here I thought everyone would laugh at me for even buying bunny ears! Instead they kept stealing them. These are some more of my nephews, Noah is on the left and Nathan is on the right. I put on an egg hunt at their house. The previous year I took vegetables and wrapped them in saran wrap, then inserted those into the eggs for a healty easter. This year it was pure, unadulterated candy.

Turtle Pen

This is a wood pen that has been carved into a shape of a turtle. I purchased this pen at Rainforest Cafe in Las Vegas. But it was purchased in May of 2007 as a gift to a friend who loves turtles. And it was given to her only about a week ago. Needless to say that is how much our house needed a good thorough clean sweep. I couldn't find it for my life! Unfortunately I made the mistake of telling her about it, which just amped her anticipation to finally receive it. It became the butt of jokes about how I promise her a turtle pen but she'd never receive it. Words cannot describe the feeling I felt when I finally located it. I took a picture and sent it to some of our other friends. Of course along with it I found the bald eagle pen I bought for myself. Yay!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'll have to settle for second best

My sister, Crystal, and I went to Bountiful Summerfest. Its a gathering of cultures, outside our own, and they bring vendors of all sorts and dancers to perform. We were walking around the shops and we found a photography booth. I spied a picture of a beach sunset, and it was cheap(at an event like this, usually the prices are marked up) but I didn't have cash. I figured, I'll head over to my work(its right next door) and have them ring my credit card through in exchange for cash. But then Crystal spots it and bargains the guy down on the picture and I believe two frames. It hangs in her bathroom with all its gloriuosness. I think next time I am left to watch her child while she is livin it up in D.C., I will steal it. Or I'll settle for this picture that I took after the aforementioned story. Its no beach sunset but it reminds me of home.

Dr. Purple anyone?

Here is a more recent shot that I took. I was also playing around with the different settings and functions my more newer space age type phone has.


Well this picture again includes my nephew, Hunter. It was sent to me via cell from his mother. He loves to have his picture taken, but more importantly looking at his pictures that were just taken. His mother had to get him his own digital camera so he could view his pictures. Of course with him being only 6(at the time, although I would've stated it as 7) she had to get the kid resistant Fisher Price camera. He loves it but really wanted a camera like his mother. Hunter has expensive tastes.

I'll blow and I'll blow until I blow my bubble out.

This picture was taken way back in December of 2007. We went to the Festival of Trees here in Utah and they had a wonderful kids playground area. This was one of the activities. You basically stand on a stool in a pool full of bubble concoction. They lift a hula-hoop(that has been covered in a terry cloth towel and thoroughly soaked in said concoction) up over your head. You then proceed to blow the biggest bubble you can. Then it bursts and you get the sticky bubble concoction all over you and the family you love so much, you're willing to get them sticky.