Sunday, August 26, 2012

You are the 3 best friends that anyone has ever had...

I've had on the visor on my car a very important picture for years, easily 3 1/2 years but more likely 4 now. How can I recall this? Because of the picture itself. It is a very early production picture of the Twilight movie.

Entertainment Weekly, you know my version of the Bible, ran a little article with that one picture, to whet the fans appetites for how the picture would look. I loved it! He was wearing his white jacket, from what I could only assume was the restaurant scene because that is one of my 1,000 favorite scenes. I will admit because of the white jacket though he doesn't appear as pale as I imagined in my mind...

Yes, I am nerd/dork enough to have watched and watched the movie countless of times for my white jacket but you won't find it in the movie as it has been taken out. I later found out that they nixed the lighter color clothes. It made none of them appear pale enough so they switched everything to darker colors. Oh, the magic of chin-ema.

...I love his hair as much as the jacket. It was exactly the color I'd imagine. It is beautiful. It's a great picture. So I've kept it all these years to enjoy and remember. Unfortunately my friends think me a geek for it and snicker, I say it's a jealous snicker though, whenever I pull my visor down. Well they got me.

They got me by putting up a picture of their own. They sneakily used the excuse of "cooling down the car" to obtain my keys and placed the picture. A scheme they'd be working on for quite some time. I giggled for quite some time when I found it. It makes me smile. Therefore, both their picture and mine, will stay for another 4 years.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Another screamer

Or maybe I just have an obsession with men screaming. Notice how the color schemes are similar. Maybe it's the beautiful blues. By the way, the music that plays in this scene is wonderful. I was sad when I bought the soundtrack that they didn't include it. I watch this scene time and time again just to hear it, or if anyone is interested I can hum it for them.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My shot for best use of dramatics

I adore this song, this movie, this actor, etc. etc. I get chills everytime they show this shot. I feel it displays what I consider to be drama-rama. I also love that 80's band. Look em up. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go watch this film again. Or at least this song. It is close to bed time.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Why did I ever think 1/2" binders would work?

Quite a bit ago I decided I'd toss all the magazines I was keeping for recipes. I went through them grabbed the ones I wanted with dreams of making all those decadent, wonderfully gooey, delicious foods. As with most of my plans all of those papers sat aside on a shelf in my bedroom for ages. Then I was at Costco and got the screaming deal on 1,523 1/2" binders, okay more like 6, and probably 1,523 sheet protectors. That one is more likely. Then the binders, protectors and recipes sat on that same shelf for another set of ages. Every now and then I'd add a recipe to the stack. I'd wager the stack got to be about 8-10inches tall. All the while that depth of recipes never dawned on me. So just this past weekend, as a way to relax, I start separating them. Once they were separated I started trimming some, putting them into the separators. Then tonight I realize, when my binder wouldn't close, that my 1/2" binders are useless! So much for relaxing. But yay for the jerk jamaican pork cheese burgers with apple slaw recipe that we will be making in a matter of days!

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