Sunday, August 26, 2012

You are the 3 best friends that anyone has ever had...

I've had on the visor on my car a very important picture for years, easily 3 1/2 years but more likely 4 now. How can I recall this? Because of the picture itself. It is a very early production picture of the Twilight movie.

Entertainment Weekly, you know my version of the Bible, ran a little article with that one picture, to whet the fans appetites for how the picture would look. I loved it! He was wearing his white jacket, from what I could only assume was the restaurant scene because that is one of my 1,000 favorite scenes. I will admit because of the white jacket though he doesn't appear as pale as I imagined in my mind...

Yes, I am nerd/dork enough to have watched and watched the movie countless of times for my white jacket but you won't find it in the movie as it has been taken out. I later found out that they nixed the lighter color clothes. It made none of them appear pale enough so they switched everything to darker colors. Oh, the magic of chin-ema.

...I love his hair as much as the jacket. It was exactly the color I'd imagine. It is beautiful. It's a great picture. So I've kept it all these years to enjoy and remember. Unfortunately my friends think me a geek for it and snicker, I say it's a jealous snicker though, whenever I pull my visor down. Well they got me.

They got me by putting up a picture of their own. They sneakily used the excuse of "cooling down the car" to obtain my keys and placed the picture. A scheme they'd be working on for quite some time. I giggled for quite some time when I found it. It makes me smile. Therefore, both their picture and mine, will stay for another 4 years.

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