Friday, September 7, 2012

This is why not having a computer was probably for the better.

I'm obsessed with being on etsy now. I can browse for hours. Here is what I've found thus far.

The only skirt I've actually wanted to wear!

Of course I'd never have the occasion where it would seem to fit so I'd probably wear it for about 5 minutes, then just look at it forever more. 

Not that big of a fan of the sofa/chair things. Looks a little uncomfortable. 

Because you're carrying it with you! And it's glow in the dark!!

This person, saying he or she when I didn't know seemed wrong, does a lot of plate switch covers. If you've ever wanted to add some coolness to a room it's going to be by custom plate switch covers. Check them out sometime. 

Again, this person will do custom orders and I think I'd like to pick my four favorites lines, which will take me about 10 years since there are so many good ones, and have them put on the glasses versus the images. I like the pictures but I think nothing gets people started talking after taking a shot than talking about the words they just drank. 

I've bought items previously from these shops:

I guess I like to think that I'm supporting small business when I shop at etsy. I'm sure I'll post another entry with another several items and I'll just hope that you find them as awesome as I do. 

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