Sunday, January 10, 2010

1st full week of twentyten

And what a week it was!

I started it by getting my top 2 wisdom teeth out. My experience is definitely not what I was expecting and nothing like I've ever heard before. I did not go to an oral surgeon-my regular dentist took them out. I didn't get put under-I was basically given a valium. I did not get any pain killers-I took 4 ibuprofen the entire day. My dentist was done within five minutes of starting, I did keep the teeth but will only show you the vagueness of the bag, I had no swelling or bruises. Simple & quick. I am still amazed.

As many of you already know, I joined facebook! I'm trying to decide exactly how I want to split my life up so I know where to post things. Twitter will get all the little mundane things, facebook gets family and friend things and my blog will get my humble opinion on things. Sound good?

I made maple cinnamon rolls. Recipe courtesy of Pioneer Woman. It took me several hours but they were worth it. I didn't read the instructions thoroughly and thought they wouldn't take as long as they did and exactly how many they would make. I was under the impression I'd get maybe 25 but I got 38 and I started thinking I'd done something wrong. Turns out it was 25 per roll, recipe yields 2 rolls. Hee!

I went and saw Leap Year. So cute and adorable. Those who rode w/me to Vegas know that I've decided(or rather came to the realization) that I would come to be with a man named Matt.(Sorry mom! Guess the whole me and Rob thing isn't going to work out.) So of course I was excited to see this film b/c of that BUT also b/c I love films where they go European. It's a dream for me to do the same.

Now that I've had such a hectic week I'm going to try and slow down. Focus back on running-160 days until Wasatch Back and I'm bound and determined to make what is possibly my last one to be my best one.
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Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Year in Review...what I can recall anyways

Ask Crystal, I'm not a fabulous rememberer of some things. I guess I just don't like living in the past. Which could be why I do not see the fascination of that my sister and my father seem to be sharing.

I threw that in because I just got a text from her about the site.

Back to 2009-what I would categorize as my most memorable moment would probably be my MUSE concert. The excitement leading up to it is still just as strong for my April MUSE concert. I already blogged about the night so I won't spend forever going into it. One thing I did forget to mention was they had a big screen that they would display texts on in between the artists. My sis sent one in for me that said "Mary, it's MUSE!!" Oh the excitement. I hear they're to play Mandalay Bay on April 10th, 5 days after the SLC concert. Hmmmm......

I went to my 1st midnight movie premiere. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Oh wait...I'm lying. It was Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Both were long, very loooonngg. But only the latter wasn't worth it. Of course the latter was the movie I saw twice. It was good-just long. Harry Potter was great, when wouldn't it be?

I also didn't file my taxes on time. I thought I had mailed them. Pretty 100% sure I had. I was totally blaming our mailman. So I called and re filed, got my moneys and all was good. Then I cleaned. And then I found my tax returns. Oops! My bad. Well it only would've been bad if I needed to pay.

No vacations this year. Why? Not sure. Hopefully I can take one this year. I am turning the big 3-0 so maybe that requires a grandeur trip. I'm dreaming of something.

Other 2009 favorites:

TV Channel: USA and HGTV. Great, grrreat shows.

Ragnar Relay: Wasatch Back.

Movies: New Moon, Star Trek, The Hangover, Julie & Julia, Taken and Angels & Demons.

Magazines/Books: Cooks Country and Illustrated, Racheal Ray, EW

I figure I don't need to tell you what my favorite music was, it's quite obvious. Other music I enjoyed hearing is anything Snow Patrol. Some Lady Gaga. And a Calvin Harris song that rivals Sir Mix-a-lot's ode to women.

That's 2009 folks.
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