Monday, June 14, 2010

Lessons Learned on 6/11/10

Even if something seems like it would be simple, it is probably because you didn't plan for instances where you hit a snag.
*Plan for mistakes, problems, etc.*

Of course on that same note you don't know what snags you could hit if you don't fully try to make a test run of said instance.
*A test run is a MUST*

That I'm unaware of how a skirt is supposed to work. I'm sure glad I wore my biking shorts underneath, otherwise many of people would've seen my underoos.
*Learn how to wear a skirt before doing so*

That I have the best support one could ever have. Seriously.
*My sister dropped everything to assist(and calm me down MANY MANY times) me without question.
*My brother who put up with us at 3am in the morning and all the crap we had going on.
*My mother who quietly did what she was told even though she feared she was doing it wrong.
*My oldest sister for not expecting replies to her texts during the time of said event.
*My last sister who knew enough to just stay away from me.
And last but certainly not least,
*Julandy, who shows up early to help set up and stayed with me the entire time. I do not know of a better cake cutter partner than you.

But alas folks, I'm outta of the wedding cake business. Cake pops though, I'll do. They are just so stinking cute!

Oh and to Steph, who gambled on me. I'm not sure what her thoughts were but I'm grateful. She is an awesome person and deserves more than she gets.
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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Look at him!

The hair, it just needs curls.

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Picking up where you left off

Six years ago I ran my first marathon. Then within 2 years I ran 5 marathons in total. As what always happens, life got in the way and I nearly had quit running.

My once a year Wasatch Back was my only race for 3 years. Each year I'd make a promise that I'd train better next year. But I never did. This year will probably be my best trained for Wasatch Back. I owe that to Julandy for running with me.

In the past year I've run 3 Relays, again with the same promise that I'd be a better runner for the next. Somehow, finding the motivation always escaped me. I still wouldn't say I had found any but with each relay it became easier. Or seemed that way at least.

But a marathon distance still called to me. A friend has always wanted me to run the St. George marathon but I have never had an interest in it. Once I found a marathon I was interested in training finally became fun again.

I went 3 years thinking I would never find my passion, or any passion, for running. I'm glad I found it again. I'll fight to keep it this time.
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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I presume my dreams have been so vivid due to the stress in my life of everything. What I am unsure of is how much I should read into them.

I've always been one to dream wildly. My worst dream that I had many of times was the spiders dropping off the ceiling. I'm sure my fear of spiders stems from that dream. I've also had one where I'm riding a water slide and it just drops off into nothing and I keep falling until I wake up.

Obviously neither of those things ever happened. *knocks on wood*

I do feel strange senses of deja vu quite often and I generally contribute that to dreams. Of course the rational part of me, which is generally the biggest part of me, says that I'm stretching both reality and the dream and falsifying a connection that is at best thin to begin with.

So life goes on.

Doesn't mean I can't keep dreaming though.
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