Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I presume my dreams have been so vivid due to the stress in my life of everything. What I am unsure of is how much I should read into them.

I've always been one to dream wildly. My worst dream that I had many of times was the spiders dropping off the ceiling. I'm sure my fear of spiders stems from that dream. I've also had one where I'm riding a water slide and it just drops off into nothing and I keep falling until I wake up.

Obviously neither of those things ever happened. *knocks on wood*

I do feel strange senses of deja vu quite often and I generally contribute that to dreams. Of course the rational part of me, which is generally the biggest part of me, says that I'm stretching both reality and the dream and falsifying a connection that is at best thin to begin with.

So life goes on.

Doesn't mean I can't keep dreaming though.
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  1. I'm dreaming pretty vividly lately too. We should do some interpreting.