Saturday, June 5, 2010

Picking up where you left off

Six years ago I ran my first marathon. Then within 2 years I ran 5 marathons in total. As what always happens, life got in the way and I nearly had quit running.

My once a year Wasatch Back was my only race for 3 years. Each year I'd make a promise that I'd train better next year. But I never did. This year will probably be my best trained for Wasatch Back. I owe that to Julandy for running with me.

In the past year I've run 3 Relays, again with the same promise that I'd be a better runner for the next. Somehow, finding the motivation always escaped me. I still wouldn't say I had found any but with each relay it became easier. Or seemed that way at least.

But a marathon distance still called to me. A friend has always wanted me to run the St. George marathon but I have never had an interest in it. Once I found a marathon I was interested in training finally became fun again.

I went 3 years thinking I would never find my passion, or any passion, for running. I'm glad I found it again. I'll fight to keep it this time.
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