Saturday, May 29, 2010

Please don't stop the music

I know it is blasphemy for me to say this but there are other artists, other than MUSE, that make my toes tap, head bop, heart go pitter patter. People who could just read the phone book and it would be lovely. Strum their fingers in the air and produce an interesting melody. Of course, MUSE, can do those things as well. Better than anyone, in my humble opinion. Nonetheless I am interested in artists music.

I have never understood why an artist doesn't release the entire album of songs. Why create an album of 10-15 songs to only release 4? And how do you go about choosing which songs are then released? I have always wanted someone to spend the time it would take to release an entire album. Show that every song they invested time and heart into is worthy for the ears. In this vein, I'm compiling my list of albums that deserved full exposure.

To make it easier I'll just tell you now that every MUSE album is on this list.(6 albums) Every Matt Nathanson album as well.(6 albums) Dido.(3 albums) Garth Brooks.(7 albums, I consider everything after that awful Chris Gaines thing to not be him.)

These are in no particular order:

Kim Richey - self titled - released 1995
I came across this album from the song titled, Let The Sun Fall Down, after it appeared in an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. A lot of my music comes from tv shows but when 1 song prompts me to buy an entire album, then it must be good. Kim has such a way with saying tough things but making it sound beautiful. Her songs have been rerecorded by numerous artists but she sings them better. I've actually dubbed Just My Luck as my life theme song.

Dar Williams - The Beauty of The Rain - released 2003
The title track off of this album was featured on an episode of Alias. Which was a gold mine for pretty heavy, beautiful, poetic music. If you only want to listen to one song choose The One Who Knows. Whispering Pines is very eerie and peaceful and introduced me to Cliff Eberhart.

Fiona Apple - Extraordinary Machine - released 2005
I liked songs of her before this album, but never the full album. This was the first time her full album caught my attention. What appealed to me was the delay in its release. I got it on sale at Target for $10. One of the best Alexander Hamiltons I ever spent. I would listen to this album if it was nothing more than the melody. Fiona just adds to it greatness. The playfulness of Extraordinary Machine, the piano on Parting Gift and the grandeur of Waltz(Better Than Fine). I will waltz to it, I promise.

Oleandar - February Son - released 1999
I used to fall asleep to a cable broadcast radio station, which is where I heard Stupid. At the time was the place to buy music online. (They later joined with I immediately purchased this album. They cover The Cure's 'Boys Dont Cry' and it was one of the first remakes I heard that rivals the original. I find this album to be a great running soundtrack.

Poe - Haunted - released 2000
Written as a tribute to her father and as an accompaniment to her brothers novel, House of Leaves. I always found the album haunting, pun intended, and am nervous about ever reading the novel. But I love her style on this album. One of the first concept albums I ever listened to. The first 9 songs are so different from the final 7 but it works as a whole. Spanish Doll, Amazed, Control and Terrible Thought. Take a listen.

Benny Benassi Presents the Biz - Hypnotica - released 2003
One of my all time favorite electronic albums. As the title suggests I go hypnotic when I listen to it as a whole. Again an awesome running soundtrack right here. I came across this album as I was researching what songs appeared at the Berlin Love Parade. If anyone can catch that reference, let me know. I also find this album to be great to clean to because I just keep going right along with the beats. Never stopping.

Patty Griffin - Impossible Dream - released 2004
Folksy women singers are my favorite. In case you hadn't started to see a pattern. Patty Griffin is no exception. I ran the Ogden Marathon to this album. It marked the first time I had ever used an MP3 player during a race. Again I heard Kite Song on an episode of Joan of Arcadia. The lyrics are just wonderful and inspiring.

Tori Amos - Little Earthquakes - released 1992
I remember my older sister having this album but I didn't listen to it until it was several several years older. I was intrigued by the lyrics of "But what if I'm a mermaid?" in Silent All These Years. Then I heard China and Crucify. I bought the album, my own copy. I listen to it heavily still.

The Von Bondies - Pawn Shoppe Heart - released 2004
I heard C'mon C'mon on X96's top ten at 10 when I would drive home from working at the Clearfield Pool.(Which as a side note was how I discovered MUSE as well.) I purchased the album from Virgin Records, which is now long gone and at the time the clerk asked me if I was going to the concert the next night. No I wasn't but I so considered it. I love the garage feel the album has to it. Again, they cover Try a Little Tenderness to near perfection.

Lostprophets - Start Something - released 2004
I dont recall how I ever heard of this band. I just know I love how the songs end then go into something different. Nearly each song. I love trying to stay caught up with the fast paced that most of the songs have as well. I'll never forget how I really didn't know the lyrics to I Don't Know. I thought they were saying "I suck at it all and cant find my way home" which later turned out to be "I'll stop getting lost and find my way home". I also think that they write some wonderfully complex stuff on this album.

Keane - Hopes and Fears - released 2004
Piano heavy music, what is not to love? This album slowly built on me. But I'm glad I kept giving it time to seep into my mind. I loved the music video to Somewhere Only We Know. I enjoyed this album so much that I made sure I purchased the follow up, Under the Iron Sea. Not quite as good but maybe I haven't given it time.

Remy Zero - Villa Elaine - released 1998
I love the names they give their songs. I bask in the ego that I feel that Prophecy put outs. Gramarye? Never heard of it. But I checked into it. Will you? The bipolar disorder of Hollow, starts off slow-ish and ends fast-ish. Life in Rain, lyrically superb. Motorcycle makes me want a black motorcycle. Just listen to this album already folks. I read a bit ago that they decided to disband and it made me sad. 

I did not include compilation cd's on this list because of course Erasure, Pop! 20 hits would be good. It contains all their synthesized gloriousiness. But I'll admit I don't stray from that album because I have most of the best of them. Perhaps I am missing better, maybe not. I also didn't include Chris LeDoux or Patsy Cline because they are legends and should never be categorized. MUSE is on their way there, it's only a matter of time.

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