Friday, May 14, 2010

The big 3-0! Well, it's not that big but still....

Nearly 1 week ago I turned 30.

Hmmmm....insert a picture of me wearing a beautifully funny birthday hat. I guess I deleted it instead of moving it off my phone. I knew blogging while intoxicated was not a good idea. Who egged me on?

Of course my berfday was spent working. Who's isn't? I did this.

Hey look what I found in the other folder. Ha! This was truly a bad idea.

I also did this.

For far too many hours. I can't recall right now.

And why can't I get blogger to put my writing in alignment with the left. The stupid drop down box says it is but I don't think it is.

After doing all that I went home and slept. I was going to go out but I was too exhausted. I still think I'm exhausted. Plus my allergies were acting up. Which they are again today.

The day after though I went running. And I gave myself the best gift. This..

Not quite my picture though. I didn't take me phone with me and I couldn't run fast enough to get it. It disapaited(I make no claim that that is spelled correctly) before I could. So I researched it. I have NEVER seen or even heard about it but it was awesome. It made me want to keep on running, so long as that was my view. Apparently it is rare to see a cloud rainbow so I'm glad I was there to see it.

Since I had been keeping Mandy at work for so long she never found the time to go shopping. I'm presuming both for me and her mother and mother in law. No hyphens for me tonight, thank you. A few days later she gave me more piggies. I need more piggies from her. I like piggies.

My nephews, or devil children as I affectionately call them, also found me a piggie. They were stoked to give it to me.

They are also stoked to tell me about the new Twilight movie.

I really wish my hair was already 6 inches so I could cut it. I can't wait to have short hair again.

Well folks I'm sure that is all. Oh I also had a cake at Mothers Day. It co-celebrated my berfday. I didn't get a picture of that. I'm going to go make a cake for a friend.

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