Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Night to Remember

Yet another great night has come and gone. Yes, I did see MUSE but four very long months ago in Vegas but this show was different. Big Stadium vs. Small Club. Both terms are used loosely. Now to fulfill the trifecta, I'll be attending a show in Europe. Who else is in? Hello. Is this thing on?

Anywho, as we waited for the concert to start I remembered why I generally don't do general admission. I never realized Utah had so many giants living here! Who like MUSE enough to go the concert, none the less. But MUSE took to the stage thankfully on pedestals. See all the giants heads in the way?

I know I said after the Vegas show that I would bring a better camera. Well I didn't. So I get the crappy shots from my phone. I knew I should've gotten the phone that had the 10 MP camera. But perhaps next time I'll make better on my promise.

I love the columns by the way. They did all sorts of tricks with those things! The graphics they had of Matt playing his guitar, excellent. The beautiful shots they had on them during Feeling Good, gorgeous. And last but not least the falling pieces they had during Knights of Cydonia, epic. Plus it allowed me to see them over the giants.

I'm typically not the kind of person who wants to be stuck in the middle of a crowd so we hung back a ways. But then MUSE started playing New Born and I wanted to be closer. At that point I was glad we did do general admission. A friend and I took off from the other 2 in our group and made our way into the crowd. Later I realize we did not make it that much farther. We were like maybe 10 feet away from our original position. Oh well, I had fun being right in the middle of the action.

Before the concert started, a friend and I were discussing lights during a concert. We both stated that sometimes we can drift off looking at all the fantastic things people will do with said lights. This concert was no exception. Thinking back on it now though, I believe they only ever used the color green. Why not use others? This is The Resistance tour and the album is chalk full of color.

Of course, I was happy with everything they played. I was extremely happy that they played New Born, it riled me up as it always does, Map of the Problematique, a genius work of art, and Stockholm Syndrome, purely because I had never heard it live before. And I do have a lot of recordings of their live stuff.

They really mixed the show up between new stuff and old classics. I wish that we would've gotten the Cross-Pollination part of Exogensis but I still found it awe inspiring to hear the Overture. Here is a link to the set list for anyone who wants it. Plug in Baby was played and Matt twirled and twirled around whilst playing guitar and I wish I would've gotten video of that. Dom's drum jam before Undisclosed Desires was fabulous. I just need to list the entire concert don't I? I'm sorry, sometimes I let my mind run away.
The day after the concert I got a lot of questions of "how did you like it?" And I summed it up(which means I took it from one of my favorite movies) best to one friend: "I had an experience. I can't even explain it. I was given something wonderful, something that changed me forever. I wish I could share that. I wish that everyone, if even for a moment, could feel the awe, humility and the hope. That continues to be wish." So even if MUSE isn't your cup of tea, then find something that is.

Click here for some SLTrib photos from the event. You'll see what I mean about the 3 columns. I'm getting a new background picture! 

And again I ask, who is with me for Europe, Wembley Stadium Sept. 10, 2010. How come I didn't turn this thing on?

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