Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Year in Review...what I can recall anyways

Ask Crystal, I'm not a fabulous rememberer of some things. I guess I just don't like living in the past. Which could be why I do not see the fascination of that my sister and my father seem to be sharing.

I threw that in because I just got a text from her about the site.

Back to 2009-what I would categorize as my most memorable moment would probably be my MUSE concert. The excitement leading up to it is still just as strong for my April MUSE concert. I already blogged about the night so I won't spend forever going into it. One thing I did forget to mention was they had a big screen that they would display texts on in between the artists. My sis sent one in for me that said "Mary, it's MUSE!!" Oh the excitement. I hear they're to play Mandalay Bay on April 10th, 5 days after the SLC concert. Hmmmm......

I went to my 1st midnight movie premiere. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Oh wait...I'm lying. It was Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Both were long, very loooonngg. But only the latter wasn't worth it. Of course the latter was the movie I saw twice. It was good-just long. Harry Potter was great, when wouldn't it be?

I also didn't file my taxes on time. I thought I had mailed them. Pretty 100% sure I had. I was totally blaming our mailman. So I called and re filed, got my moneys and all was good. Then I cleaned. And then I found my tax returns. Oops! My bad. Well it only would've been bad if I needed to pay.

No vacations this year. Why? Not sure. Hopefully I can take one this year. I am turning the big 3-0 so maybe that requires a grandeur trip. I'm dreaming of something.

Other 2009 favorites:

TV Channel: USA and HGTV. Great, grrreat shows.

Ragnar Relay: Wasatch Back.

Movies: New Moon, Star Trek, The Hangover, Julie & Julia, Taken and Angels & Demons.

Magazines/Books: Cooks Country and Illustrated, Racheal Ray, EW

I figure I don't need to tell you what my favorite music was, it's quite obvious. Other music I enjoyed hearing is anything Snow Patrol. Some Lady Gaga. And a Calvin Harris song that rivals Sir Mix-a-lot's ode to women.

That's 2009 folks.
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