Monday, September 10, 2012

It just suddenly occurred to me today

that I am totally Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson. In the early years. Not when she gave up her sweets. Who would want to do that? Crazy people, or as people deem acceptable in today's slang, cray-cray folks. One day I'll discuss why I hate today's slang. It will take a whole post, or maybe three or four. Back to Brenda; I love her.  Probably because of her addiction to sweets. I can relate to that so so so well. Much better than anything else I've ever related to before. 

See that delightful drawer? It is full of goodies. Sugary, sweet, chocolaty treats. I think everyone should have such a drawer. It would make life nicer. 

This is my version of such a drawer. I also have a cabinet that I regularly stock with some such items and with actual real food. As real as anyone can call easy mac and cheese, cheez-its, cookies, emergen-C and at times beef jerky. I love that I get to call myself Brenda. I wouldn't want to do her job though. She also has Fritz. I hope to find my Fritz one day. I adore them together, they are so cute. It doesn't hurt that Fritz is portrayed by Jon Tenney, whom I've had a crush on for over a decade now. That is a long time to crush on a person, if you were normal, but I am not, and that is a relatively short time. No worries, I'll continue to crush.

I'll miss The Closer. I haven't watched the series finale as I'm worried that they may have split up Brenda and Fritz. Fritz is on the spin-off Major Crimes. But if Brenda is not there, then how did they write her out but keep him. Plus, I have decided I like to give up my tv shows when they end they way I want. So Lost ended with Desmond and Penny reuniting, and I ended Gilmore Girls when Loreali proposed to Luke. Yep, they ended there. Nothing else happens.

Much like this post ends here. 

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