Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Why did I ever think 1/2" binders would work?

Quite a bit ago I decided I'd toss all the magazines I was keeping for recipes. I went through them grabbed the ones I wanted with dreams of making all those decadent, wonderfully gooey, delicious foods. As with most of my plans all of those papers sat aside on a shelf in my bedroom for ages. Then I was at Costco and got the screaming deal on 1,523 1/2" binders, okay more like 6, and probably 1,523 sheet protectors. That one is more likely. Then the binders, protectors and recipes sat on that same shelf for another set of ages. Every now and then I'd add a recipe to the stack. I'd wager the stack got to be about 8-10inches tall. All the while that depth of recipes never dawned on me. So just this past weekend, as a way to relax, I start separating them. Once they were separated I started trimming some, putting them into the separators. Then tonight I realize, when my binder wouldn't close, that my 1/2" binders are useless! So much for relaxing. But yay for the jerk jamaican pork cheese burgers with apple slaw recipe that we will be making in a matter of days!

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