Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'll have to settle for second best

My sister, Crystal, and I went to Bountiful Summerfest. Its a gathering of cultures, outside our own, and they bring vendors of all sorts and dancers to perform. We were walking around the shops and we found a photography booth. I spied a picture of a beach sunset, and it was cheap(at an event like this, usually the prices are marked up) but I didn't have cash. I figured, I'll head over to my work(its right next door) and have them ring my credit card through in exchange for cash. But then Crystal spots it and bargains the guy down on the picture and I believe two frames. It hangs in her bathroom with all its gloriuosness. I think next time I am left to watch her child while she is livin it up in D.C., I will steal it. Or I'll settle for this picture that I took after the aforementioned story. Its no beach sunset but it reminds me of home.

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