Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Time and Space as a Backyard? Sounds good!

I feel like I should post this here instead of on facebook. Why? I wouldn't want my friends of leisure to think I was obsessed to the point of delirium. Obviously if you are reading this then you know you are a close friend who would love me regardless of how obsessed I was with something. Thanks guys! You rule, the school. And the pool. And the fool. Let's get to it.

I love this clip. Everything about it. I smile, sheepishly at points, nearly during the whole clip. Yet I'm also very saddened in the middle. Imagine what it would be like to be that old. Strange and sad. Watch it then read the rest of this post.

Now you can see why I like it so much! Here are just a few of my favorite parts.

I can feel the cheese when he says "Gandalf. A space Gandalf. Or the little green one in Star Wars." What really, really sells the cheese factor is the light saber sounds he makes in conjuction with the twirl. Just pure golden cheese and I love it!

The next part would be "the involuntary snort....of fondness." They play off each other so well. I giggle during that entire exchange.

Then we get the more serious and sad part. "Because I can't see it anymore." I would probably recite his whole spiel of "burning ball of gas" and so forth but I think it's just better if you watch it. Over and over again. Why not? Don't make me be the only one. I hate being the lone ranger here. Let it be known though that I want his "backyard". Don't be dirty people.

Then we move back into comic relief with a little bit about who his companions are. I love the way he stalls when he is forced to answer how many of them were girls. "Slightly, a little bit over." Biggest understatement if I've ever heard one before! It's just too bad that to the casual observer(meaning you) you would never know that he has had male companions before they just don't show them in the clip parade that follows. Captian Jack, I've only seen a few episodes with you but you do seem pretty cool!

Now aren't you glad you watched it? I guess I need to end this post before I quote the entire clip. "Young?" "Everyone's young compared to me." Only 4 more sleeps before I get a new episode. Good night!

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