Thursday, March 31, 2011

Two nights ago I was rescued by pasta roni for dinner. I love pasta roni. But when I'm in training for a marathon boxed, processed foods is nearly the last thing I should be eating. But I had no energy and no idea for dinner, so it came in handy.

The next morning though I got up early so I could put the roasts into the crock pot. This time I had planned. Italian Roast via slow cooker. Served with mashed potatoes made with cream. Ah, does the cream ever add a delicious flavor that will make you never want to eat them another way. My first time trying them made that way and I sold my soul to never eat them another way. That whole meal was wonderful. Meat and potatoes.

Since the roasts made so much meat we used it again tonight. Stuffed philly cheese steaks. French bread dough stuffed with beef, peppers, onions, mushrooms and cheese. Baked till golden brown. Hmmm. Mine needed more cheese. Next time. I served it fries, waffle cut, and made a homemade fry sauce. Not too bad! I think I'll make fry sauce all the time now.

I love cooking. It's great. But every now and then I love pasta roni.
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