Monday, April 25, 2011

A quick hoppy easter

Can you believe it's been 2 years since I started this blog?! One of my first posts was concerning Easter. This Easter I don't quite have the time so I'm going to just quickly tell you a few things.

Ham or Turkey? That was the question this year. Most of didn't care but we had those who felt ham is easter and nothing else. Well we ended up with both BUT that fabulous gravy would not have been if there had been turkey!

We put together an impromptu egg hunt for the children. They had fun collecting the eggs and sharing the dollar bills that were in only 4 of them. Then afterwards the kids wanted us to do an adult egg hunt. Don't take that dirty please. The kids hid the eggs. My sister and I were the only ones willing until I bribed my brother with the bet that if he could get more eggs than myself and my sister combined then I'd pay him $5. We lost. He cheats! It was SO much fun the kids wanted us to do it again.

For our egg dive at the recreation we had a sack race. I was going to race but it got put away before I could. But the real highlight was seeing 2 grown men race and the picture I've included shows the results of that race.

Yay for Easter!
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