Friday, May 8, 2009

A birthday to remember

For the 2nd year in a row, by 2 completely different sets of people, I received birthday cookies. I enjoyed them both. This year I got candles, only 28 of them though. Which makes me happier than anyone will ever know. And I did get them all blown out in one breath. Running is working for me.

I worked half a day today. All week the early morning workers have been taunting me about my birthday. I knew I needed to expect something to be done. And lo and behold here was my office when I walked in today.

I could try and tell you everything they did but I just don't think I could do it justice. Even though I was embarrassed by it, I enjoyed the thought immensely. I also loved that if anybody wanted to enter my office they had to "part" the crepe paper. Hee! I am easily amused.

Now to the section where I bore you with everything I received. Just after midnight I got tweeted with birthday wishes. First thing after I get up I receive a wish via text. Next I get online, at Norah's behest, and see that I get a beautiful picture birthday wish. Then at work I received.....A PIG FREAKING MAGNET. I am totally in love.
Which also came with a pig cookie cutter, so expect some pig cookie pictures to pop up shortly. I also attended an annual lunch with people, sometimes random people, that grew to its biggest porportion this year. I thought a few of the people weren't going to make it but I am so glad they did come. It was the highlight of my day! SEFTFE!

And to share a little video from a jumping kangaroo that I received. He will be the way I waste my time for the next week or so. Any suggestion for a name for him?


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