Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dual moves

My sister finally made her way back to Utah. I was lucky enough to be the first to see both her and Iggy, which I "graciously" rubbed in Crystals face. It is going to be so strange, just as it was strange when she moved away, to have her back so close. Plus I really have no good reason for going to Vegas anymore. I am totally going to be stuck here!

I was not going to miss cheering on the Ogden marathoners, since I missed the Salt Lake peeps, but I still wanted to get my exercise in as well. Two birds, meet one stone. I participated in the 5k! And I didn't really like the idea of going by myself so I roped/guilted/bribed Crystal to do it with me. She is such a super sport. She did awesome and now she knows without a doubt that she can complete one in under an hour. After we did the 5k we cheered on both half and full marathoners.

I absolutely adore the Ogden marathon. It is by far the most scenic in my opinion. Of course you have to look past the porta-johns they provide, which come in handy.

If I had to choose only one marathon to ever compete in it would be Ogden. I am going to see if I can talk 4 of my family members into participating in the relay next year. Everyone knows they would have so much fun!

In all you really only run about 1 mile through city, and even then the picture above shows it still not bad. Which helps makes it a very serene run. I loved loved loved running next to the river coming down through Ogden Canyon. And since it is spring you get to hear it rush and gush. Melting snow and all. 2010 is totally in my sights.


  1. Gracious my foot, but that picture I thought looked a lot like Tami. After lunch with her though I actually find it looks alot like you when you were a baby.

  2. H says hi Iggy, he wishes this was real so he could really talk to him.