Friday, May 22, 2009


Well since my sister moved back to Utah and all, she has needed a little help watching Iggy, somehow(and naturally) I have to oblige. Well, to transport these little critters around you have to have a car seat. And Norah happened to be "done" with her car seats, seeing how they've moved on to booster seats, with some good timing. By the way who knew you shouldn't resell car seats? Apparently it's a safety issue but I see it as a way to get cheap used car seats.

To go into the pain that was the installation of the car seat into my car would take me on a diatribe that I am sure NOBODY wants to hear. Suffice it to say, reason number 4,106 that I'll never have kids.

One thing about the installing of it though, it injured me. Not itself directly but had I never installed it, I wouldn't have gotten the scrape. Now some may say it was where I parked, my inability to watch where I step or some other excuse is what caused the scrape, I choose to blame the blasted car seat. Enough car seat talk before I get into even more trouble concerning it.

A girl who works for me got married just last night. I hate going to receptions. They rank near the top of my list of least favorite things to spend my time on. I would much rather attend a dinner with said married person, perhaps the other married half could attend if I knew them and perhaps a few other peeps that we both know, and wish them congrats and best wishes at the dinner. I loathe the room full of people and the chance you could see someone you haven't seen for a while. It is not my scene. And generally you need to look nice for these events.

And my requisite sneakers just won't cut it. I believe a year ago from Old Navy I purchased 2 pairs of shoes that I thought were cute. Got them home and there they sat, getting dusty. Well I pulled a pair out for her reception. And back they go to get dusty. THEY WERE THE WORST PAIR OF SHOES! Absolutely no support whatsoever. How do people wear these things?! No wonder people complain about being on their feet for 4 hours, I was complaining after(NO LIE) 1 minute. I almost threw them off and said "forget that, I will wear my sneakers." But I forged ahead and wore them. Don't get me wrong they are super cute! Super duper cute! But I have to draw the line somewhere and comfortness vs cuteness is where I draw it from now on.

Hmmm, they were cute though. Maybe once a year I'll make an exception....


  1. Those are just adorable!!! I love them, where did you get them?

  2. I got them from Old Navy. I can't shop there anymore. Has anyone else noticed there is sizing is just out of whack?

  3. That is why I can't shop there anymore either. You really have to try everything on in order to find the right size. Great prices though but what a pain in the you know what.