Monday, April 16, 2012

Bathroom, Day 4

Houston, we have visible progress. What an extraordinary day! We showered.

Not in our own shower but a shower none the less. Then we started cutting the cement backer board but didn't have the right tool, so to Lowe's we goes. While we were trying to cut the cement backer board a replacement cartridge for our shower valve arrived. That solved our water leaking issue! So we turned the water back on for the house to discover we hadn't put the shut off valve for the toilet back on. Oy vey! We clamped and crimped that and success, water and hot water again.

As we were finishing cutting the cement backer board my brother cut his finger. I put a bandaid on it so we both had bandaids on our fingers. Mine was because of cuticle though. Still twinners. Our last piece fit like a glove and with that it was off to my sisters for a birthday party.

It was hard to play around and forget what all still needed to get done. I'm exhausted and playing with the nephews just exhausted me more. Regardless when we got home I laid out the tile for a dry fit. I discovered we'll only have 11 cuts to make. To cut porcelain tile we needed a diamond bit so we went to Lowe's. We got home 5 mins before Lowe's was closing to discover we didn't have access to a 1/2" notched trowel. Gah! So after searching and hoping Walmart or Smith's would have one, they didn't, we called it a night.

In all though, it was successful. I may have to take an extra day off though.

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