Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bathroom, Day 3

No picture. It looks the same, really. Plumbing bites the big one. Never ever try to change plumbing. If your old tub had no overflow don't try and get a tub now with overflow. Oh plumbing, you and me will never be friends. There I said it.

Highlights of the day include finishing putting all but 1 piece of backer board. The piece that's still missing is the one for the shower trim/set-up. My brother quoting D.L. Hughley's stand up routine. The oatmeal breakfast that I had, delicious.

We had 2 upsets over the course of the day. One was forgetting the styrofoam that needed to go on the tub apron before installation and the fact that the new shower valve leaks. Lame! Stupid shower valve. Lame plumbing.

Let day 4 begin..
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