Saturday, August 22, 2009

A few hours in Park City

I love going and cheering on marathoners. I shouldn't like it though because it makes me sad that I didn't prepare enough that I could run, so when I see a similar runner to my skills I start to tear up.

Until the first year I participated in Wasatch Back I really honestly thought that Park City was the outlet malls, ski slopes and the few houses around I-80. I didn't realize that you need to travel several more miles south before you actually hit Historic Park City.

The thing about the Historic part is the streets are tiny, there is no parking and the street layout is severely out of whack. It didn't help that I read the address wrong, completely wrong, and that there was some other bike race going on. So each time I saw people wearing their staff t-shirts I keep thinking I was on the right course.

Wrong! Needless to say I didn't make it to the marathon. But I got some really good hill training in and a mile and a half walk in. And I discovered a great trail where they have a skate park! And people say skate parks attracts hooligans. I say if it's good enough for Park City then its good enough for me. This skate park was packed!!!!

Overall my plans for the day got shot but I still had fun and perhaps I'll purchase a map of Park City so in the future I don't get so lost. The picture is of 9th and Main and I thought I needed 14th and Main, but Main just ends at 9th.

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