Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My day at taste of the town

So my sister asks if I want to go to an event called taste of the town. Its where local restaurants make little samplings of some of their menu and you can purchase them quite cheaply. So it involves food so of course I am totally in.

I finish my samplings and offer to take some trash to the can. Its more than I can really carry but I make do. I get my first set thrown into the can and when I throw the plates away I decided to push the trash down some.

You know how events like this don't plan and give the least amount of garbage cans? Well if I pushed it down we could get more into the can.

Wrong decision! When I pushed the trash down I leaned against the can and got who-knows-what all over my shirt!! G-ross.

Oh well. Guess that is why shout and washers were invented.
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