Saturday, September 5, 2009

A long while and a little hurt

Its been a while since I posted. I've been busy. And as Oct. 30th bears down on me I fear I'll just become busier. Not much to discuss, all I do is work.

But I did get to ride and drive a new truck of my dads. And when I was in it I injured the outer part of my right thigh. I'm going to bruise. It hurts to move it certain ways and is tender to the touch. No visual black and blue yet, but its been just a few hours.

Our Labor Day Triathlon has been the culprit of eating up my time. In preparation for the event I chose(to not lose so much time) to be the one who marked the course. I realized a little later that the choice would "color me" forever.

Now the green shoes and finger should fade over time since it's just chalk-but it may take a while. Ignore the warts on my finger. Please.

For all my hard work and determination though-my boss pays me back by parking so close to me as to not allow me access! Unbelievable!

And as a side note of interest ya'll should check into The Pioneer Woman's cookbook, due Oct. 27th and/or MUSE's new album due Sept. 15th. Both will be "most ardently loved" by myself.

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