Thursday, October 1, 2009

Talk Like A Pirate Day

If you've never heard of this fantastic holiday called National Talk Like A Pirate Day, consider yourself informed. Why we need this day is beyond me, but it was fun all the same.

We had heard on the radio about this new restaurant called Pirate Island Pizza, so I called and got some information about it. We were going to do a private room but decided it was too expensive. Pirate Island Pizza is themed and has a boat, a canon firing, a waterfall, etc. It's like a cross between Dave&Busters and The Mayan.

I would suggest going there if you've got the time and gumption. The food wasn't that bad. My chicken, bacon and ranch pizza was delicious. It had a pirate name but it's been to long and I can't recall what it was.

Trying to talk like a pirate was pretty hilarious too. And the band. Oh the band. Words cannot express my feelings toward the band. They even sell a CD.

Ahoy mateys!
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