Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco de Mayo

This saturday is a good precursor to my next two saturdays. I was non-stop, keep moving, no sitting Mary for 90% of the day.

I started my day off with a run, calf be damned. I started an aerobics class this Wednesday and it trashed my calves. I've attempted many things to make the pain go away to no avail. I wasn't going to put off running any longer. Surprisingly, once I got started it didn't hurt anymore. But as I lay here in bed, typing this up, it kind of does.

After the run, it was a shower. That led into me finally getting my hair cut. Yay! As I sat there, getting my hair played with, I realized I needed to go grocery shopping. So a quick jaunt to the store and then I was home.

Once home I cleared out all my books that I wasn't going to be reading soon into a bin. I started to sort through some magazines and papers on my bed when my brother returned from the liquor store. After all it is Cinco de Mayo.

I spent the next several hours prepping a marinade, making salsa and guacamole, whipping up margaritas and doing the dishes. Exhausted. Thankfully that margarita will help me sleep deeply.
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