Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Birthday

My, oh my, what a wonderful day. It was hectic and filled with stress, but it is what is and I'll cherish the fun parts. What were the fun parts? Well let's see if I can recall them.

1. The constant barrage of facebook alerts telling me someone posted on my wall. Thanks for the wishes pals!

2. The constant barrage of people telling me "happy birthday" to my face. Thanks for the wishes pals!

3. The constant barrage of all my nephews telling me happy happy birthday. Every single one of them were so cute and I loved it! Nathan, Noah & Zach sang to me. Hunter shared his treat with me and gave me a hug. Iggy & Milo asked what I was doing and then seemed jealous he couldn't share in my pudding pie. I'll get him his own pie one day. How can nephews be soooooo cute!?

4. The constant barrage of texts texting me happy birthday. Thanks for the wishes pals!

5. The constant barrage of emails wishing me a happy birthday. BBC was the only one though to give me an awesome discount. I received a total of 3, but that is not including those who had already sent me free/discounted stuff wishing me birthday wishes in the past week. I must say though the email from Florence + the Machine was nice. Step up your game MUSE and Matt Nathanson. **still love ya though!**

6. My constant barrage of treats. Some I made and others were given to me. I started the day with chocolate chips cookies, butterfinger snackers, oreo cookies, lemon passion cake, nerds rope and chocolate pudding pie.

7. The constant barrage of Doctor Who. I got to watch 3 episodes!! My favorite exchange "What is a horse doing on a spaceship?" "Mickey, what is pre-revolutionary France doing on a spaceship? Get some perspective!" It's such a fantastic show and with my discount I'm buying myself another season.

Birthdays are made for friends, family, treats and Doctor Who. I say keep 'em coming.
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