Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Grrrrr to Pictures!

I know the name of this blog is Pictures on the Go but lately, the pictures I take just upset me.

I am not positive as to the reason. I believe it is just that my blackberry seems to be taking some pretty awful pictures. I try low light. I try flashing. Nothing seems to produce a good picture right now.

**side note AND completely off topic! but does anyone else notice that they PAINT Mel B. aka Scary Spice into her dresses on Dance Your Ass Off? Anyone?**

My sister and I were talking about new phones and I will definitely look into one that has a much better camera. Plus I want one that has better options. My last phone has the function to change to b&w, sepia or other color tones.(Refer to, one of my first posts, the Dr. Purple picture.) I miss that!

I realize though that if I want good pictures I should just really buy a camera. And I plan on it. Just after I buy new runnings shoes, a new watch, perhaps a tv, key less entry, new pots and so many more things.
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