Thursday, July 29, 2010

Second guesses

I'm a second guesser. In everything. Or mostly. Sometimes it can come in handy and be useful or other times it can be a big hindrance.

Today, it was the latter. I stand by my decision though. I could've sought input from others but I wanted to move on. When I've waited it just seems less pertinent and/or usually more complicated.

My second guessing usually comes into play when I want to research. Either to be more knowledgeable or be covered legally. In todays age I worry a lot about legal issues. But it also occurs when I'm out eating. I waver between menu choices constantly. I most definitely have entree envy about 85% of the time when I go out.

At the age of 30 I've started to realize I cannot wait and inquire of others opinions. I need to make the best informed decision I can. In the end there is just myself and my mind with my decisions. If I can't trust me then I'm in a world of hurt. Or maybe I could just order 2 entrees?

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