Sunday, December 20, 2009

A twins birthday

I celebrated my nephews, Noah and Zachary, 5th birthday today. In some ways they seem so much older than that.

I know my sister is worried that the cake she made will end up on the ever popular Cake Wrecks site but I feel she doesn't deserve that. So I'm posting her pictures without her permission.

I took some videos of the kids opening up there first few gifts. They were hilarious. I don't think I've seen children go beserk for a gift like the boys do. I'll try and post the video in a separate post. Not sure if I can do so with my phone.

I got Zachary the Peanuts Holiday DVD collection. At the party the boys seemed more interested in their other toys but after wards Zach wanted to know how I knew what he liked. His mom tried to explain but he maintains that I have a crystal ball and I watch him. He's asked his mom for a lead vest that he can wear so I won't see him nekkid in my crystal ball.

Children. They live in a complete other world but still somewhat and loosely grounded in ours. At what point does someone lose that? Or do we never lose it but it only surfaces sparingly. Maybe I could somehow make that a New Years Resolution.

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