Sunday, April 19, 2009

One week and three things

My nephew has been blessed with my awful teeth. The poor thing had to go have probably more surgery on his teeth, in one sitting, than I've ever had to endure. This was him about 1 hour after being released from the hospital. They came to see me at work and I think it was more so I could cut his hospital bracelets off. Those three nephews absolutely hate having things attached to them.

He looked so "eh." about everything. He started perking up a little but not really to where I felt he was truly himself. It reminded me that I loathe surgeries, hospital stays, etc. I think I started to get nauseated just looking at how pale he was and everything that he would've gone through.

My mother made me proud this past weekend when she completed a 2 mile walk. It was supposed to originally be a 5K(3.1 miles) but once she got there and got a look at the route, a decision was made to just do the shorter race. Nonetheless, I am proud! I just wish I could've been there. I also missed a friend, and a boss, run his personal record for a marathon. Which made me just as proud, although i guess it should just be happy, seeing as how he is not related to me. I've just known him so long. 4 hours and 4 minutes! Congrats to both of you, you deserve it!
And mom don't be upset that I posted a picture of you, just revel in your glory. Besides it's a small picture anyways and one from a distance.

And last, but certainly not least, Hunter was made into the happiest little boy when he finally got to drive the motorized shopping cart at Target. I am quite surprised that the Target employees didn't make him stop, they must all be friends with the gramps. Luckily his mother stepped in and commandeered the vehicle and rode with him. I think they both were quite excited about it. I sure hope they didn't cause someone who really needed it to not have one. And I sure hope Hunter doesn't think he gets to use each time he goes to Target.

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  1. It's scary how white Zach is. Now he has a big black and blue mark on his face.