Thursday, April 9, 2009

April Fools Joke and a Birthday

I got played, or at least they think, several April Fools day jokes. Personally, other than the tape over the mouse light(oh, and the monitor doctoring, which came only in retailation to my packaging peanut fit) the rest were more just annoyances rather than jokes. Someone tell me how is placing over 30 hockey pucks all over my desk a joke? I rounded them up and if you look closely, the overhead door is slightly ajar from the packaging peanuts they stuffed in there. Luckily, I spotted those before opening the door.

Either way, somehow I love working with my fellow employees. Sometimes I guess I don't show it enough to them but they really do make work day. My sister keeps a text I sent her, saying how much I do love them and when I start to complain about them, she resends it to me.

After all the jokes were played we celebrated my nephew's 8th birthday! He wanted a jazz bear cake. I so desperately wanted to make him a dinosaur cake. I think I'm not giving them the choice anymore, they just have to take what I want to make. Crystal and I spent all day, after the Egg Dive, decorating this jewel. Unfortunately, she didn't bring extra frosting to the park because his jersey cracked and we could've fixed that! She'll claim I'm a perfectionist but as I discovered decorating with her, she is the one obsessed with details.

We spent his birthday at Dinosaur Park in Ogden. I loved running the Ogden Marathon, that I highly suggest that marathon over any other I've done, and they run you right next to this park and I just thought it was one very cool kid joint. I loved walking around and seeing all the dinosaurs. This one is my favorite scariest one. He was massive!!! I can't remember which one he was now. The gap his mouth creates could probably fit an 8 year old.

Also at the park is a small museum that has robotic dinosaurs. The younger nephews have been scared of them, but this year we got one in!! He sat with his older brother and older cousin right next to the cage. They all thought it hilarious when I pretended to be shocked by the high voltage fence and wanted to do the same, so they came up closer and we all just stayed sitting there. I am so proud that Zach came all the way up. He kept asking me, "What are they saying now?" each time the dinosaurs roared.

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  1. That picture of them at the bottom is really cool, glad I could make it so great for you. You are the one obsessed with perfection, sorry I foiled it for you, I hang my head down in pity. Thanks for the help, it was fun to get to do one again, for for the song break outs.