Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"I'm curious....what would you do if someone dared you to eat food?"

"You're always curious."

If anyone is in need of chocolate cream cheese frosting tinted black, I have plenty. I always grossly overestimate the amount of frosting I'll need for a cake and end up with so much I throw it away.

My mom asked me to make, her co-worker and friend, a twilight themed birthday cake. Which I have to do for 3 reasons: This co-worker scored us an advanced screening when the movie first came out. I love the books so I love the thought. And its my mother! Who tells their mother no? Of course, being my mother, she had given me plenty of notice(the end January, for arguements sake) but of course, being myself, I squandered all that notice on nothing. So then two days before the cake is due I am trying to do all this elaborate stuff.

My first plans had me making a meadow on the top of the cake and creating all these gumpaste accents, like Edwards "Be Safe" note and such, to really drive the theme home. Well you can't make, paint and dry all your gumpaste two days before. I so need to stop doing that. If I really want to open a bakery/cake shop, then I need to learn the art of orginization and planning. Colin's, the next cake on my cake calendar(I don't include my own because I don't decorate it), will definately be planned. I'm counting on ya'll to stay on my hind, telling me to keep planning.

Anyhoo, here is the twilight cake. Its red velvet(d'uh!) with chocolate cream cheese frosting and chocolate accents. Its really simple since I had to scrap my elaborate plans. I downloaded the fonts used for Edwards handwriting, which is the Birthday salutation, and the book cover fonts, which is twilight.


  1. That cakes sounds really yummy! When are you going to make me a cake, just because?! :) I also saw in my Grandma's Woman's Day Mag that there is a cake decorating contest, you should go online and check it out! You could win!

  2. It looks great, good thing you did not post what your original plans were because they would all be mad because it would look good. Tell me when Colin's b-day is and I will help to keep you on track dear.