Monday, March 15, 2010

Pretend this was posted on Daylight Savings Sunday!

I set my alarm for 7:45am this morning. My goal was to get up, run, shower, work, eat, return to work and then rest the night away. That was my goal. I didn't achieve it.

My alarm went off and I snoozed it for an hour, cursing the loss of an hour. I knew springing forward would be bad but I was hoping to still make my goal. Then to make matters worse when it went off again I snoozed it for another hour. Goodbye shower! Hello oil!

My hair gets oily when I don't shower. So if you see me around please don't ever ask what product I'm using because it's more likely just natural oils from me not showering. Which will make me feel all self conscious about not showering and I'll vow to never go without a shower again but in, not joking, 2 days I'll be back to not showering. It's a vicious dirty, oily cycle.

Bright side alert! I made it into work. And I ate. Hmmmmm...I love eating. Nothing keeps me from eating and I'm living proof of that. After my second helping of work, you thought I was going to say food didn't you?! You know me too well! But this time it was work.

After my second helping of work I made it shopping and while shopping I realize that I gained an hour of daylight. For because of the time change the sun would disappear about 7:30pm instead of 6:30pm. I look at my watch, it reads 5:23pm. I rush to check out but get home and find that my mom has delivered as promised. Baked ham, mashed potatoes and gravy await me. I sigh and make me a plate.

But I didn't give up on my goal! I made a smaller than normal plate and said to myself, "I'll eat small and still run!! I can get in a good hour still!!" After my plate I helped myself to a second helping. Yes, this time it was food. I love the salty sweet gravy the ham juice makes and I'll be damned if resisting it isn't the most hardest thing anyone can ever have to endure. That's how we can get terrorists to crack, I promise it's foolproof.

As I go to my room with my very very satisfied belly I still think I'm going running. I change into my clothes and realize that I skipped shaving last week but still ran because I figure it was hardly noticeable. Plus, if someone is looking at my legs when running then I probably want you to be repelled by me, so it was win-win. But I also never found the time to perform the task during the week so my legs are starting to get real bad. But still I said to myself "forge on ahead and know that you are one dedicated runner. Nothing stops me!!"

I throw on my clothes, shoes, grab my ipod and car keys and I'm out the door. I'm in my car and I get to the trail head at 7:07pm. I figure I can get an hour still. The sunlight is on my side and is sticking around. I tie my shoes and realize that the pants I wore have no pockets. Conundrum alert! Where am I going to put my car key? Why are the odds trying to make it impossible to run? Why didn't I grab my jacket because it's starting to get cold and I've only been out of my car for 5 minutes.

I walk towards a pole on the trail head and lay my key next to it and cover it the best I can with weeds. Weeds because that is what grows down there. I start running, but I'm cold and really wish I had grabbed my jacket. I start thinking running will kick in and the temp will be tolerable, 10 minutes pass and I'm not getting any warmer. I mix up my running plan hoping that speed will make me warmer. It doesn't and the speed I kicked in is really messing with my breathing. I decide to turn back around and I look at my watch and I've been going for 20 minutes.

Not bad, I say. In all I ended up running 45 very cold minutes. Which isn't really that much away from an hour. Achievement alert! Granted it wasn't in the order I wanted originally when my alarm went off at 7:45am but I still got it all in.

I, for one, love the time change.
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