Tuesday, March 17, 2009

These little pigs

For some time now, my favorite animal has been a pig. To be honest I think it came from the fact that most people think of them as dirty, filthy animals. I had to give some love. Over the years I've amounted a mass quantity of pig related chotski's. My most recent acquisition has been a pig key chain, given to me by one of my dearest friends. Even though I guess technically she'd say she's an employee. You press a button on it and it "oinks" and its nostrils light up with blue LED lights. Its awesome.

But about 8 years ago, a gal I knew from a message board, which are basically a thing of the past what with blogging and facebook, mailed me some magnets and figurines. They are gorgeous and this picture is one of the more "funnier" ones. It makes me think of when I tease my nephew relentlessy and he gets in trouble and I'm there, sticking my tongue out at him and hands under my chin.

I am by no means done gathering my massive pig family. I saw a pig flashlight in the April 2009 issue of Rachael Ray that I feel is calling out to me, saying "let me join in the family!" I'm definately thinking about it.


  1. I love you! I am now going to think of you anytime I see a pig! (Is that a good thing? lol) When are we getting together?

  2. Oh yeah, it's a good thing. We'll get together soon.